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Womens Self Defence Class

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime
  • Nearly half a million adults are sexually assaulted in England and Wales each year. 4/5ths of these are attacks against women.
  • One in three teenage girls has experienced some form of sexual violence from a partner
  • 1.2 million women report experiences of domestic abuse in England and Wales
  • Only around 15% of those who experience sexual violence choose to report to the police

Women's Self Defence Class

Our women's self defence class runs on Tuesday evenings and focuses on teaching key skills and strategies dealing with danger prevention, situational escape, de-escalation and physical self defence.

Physical self defence

You will practise effective, easy to learn self defence techniques based on traditional Japanese Jujutsu

  • Keeping control of distance
  • Maintaining a defensive posture
  • Wrist grab escapes
  • Lapel and sleeve grab escapes
  • Chokes and body grab escapes
  • Escapes from being pinned down
  • Striking weak points to aid escape
  • Using improvised weapons
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Dealing with armed attackers

Self defence strategy

You will also learn many of the following key skills and strategies concerning self defence;

  • Avoiding being an easy victim
  • Asessing dangerous circumstances
  • The different types of attackers
  • Safety around the car and home
  • Reading and using body language
  • Assertive use of the voice
  • Escaping dangerous situations
  • Safety going out and getting home
  • De-escalating potential conflict
  • Self defence law

About the class

Our classes are focused and productive. Each class covers some theory followed by physical practice.

You can join at anytime and over a few weeks, build your skills and ability in self defence. Our techniques are based on authentic Japanese Jujutsu, which was developed over 900 years of warfare in Japan. We rely on position, distance, timing, angles, weak points and whole body movement to overcome the opponent instead of using strength and power. In this way a smaller or weaker person can overcome a stronger opponent.

Classes take place in our dedicated martial arts center in Barnham. We have lots of free parking and changing facilities on site. In addition to classes, we offer private tuition throughout the week for those who might prefer it, and we offer special rates for friends who share private lessons. Previous training is not required. Suitable for ages 13-70! Try a class this week - just call /text 07903 546609 or email here

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Class time, prices and location

Women's Self Defence Class

Simply call, text or email to try a class

07903 546609

Email training@blacksnowninpo.com


Black Snow Martial Arts Centre,
Windmill Shopping Village,
Yapton Road,
Barnham PO22 0BD

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Tuesdays 7.30pm
Class runs for one hour
Cost per class £7
Just pay on the day. No hidden fees
We also offer private classes @£20 per hour
Please wear comfy clothes (preferrably no zips)  
Please leave loose or sharp jewellery at home  
Bring a bottle of water if you wish  
Please advise the instructor/s if you have any injuries or ailments  
Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts  
Instructor is fully CRB checked  

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