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Meditation Chichester / Bognor Regis / Littlehampton areas. Based in Barnham, West Sussex, UK

Meditation Classes

Sunday classes now running

Meditation Classes

Meditation and mindfulness has the power to transform our lives and increase our capacity for peace, clarity and freedom whilst facing a busy, chaotic and often stressful world. Through the practise and exploration of awareness we can gain insight into the true nature of ourselves and our experience, and realise a harmony that overcomes our inner conflicts and outer struggles. Through the practise of meditation and mindfulness we discover a gateway to living through the avenue of awareness, rather than living through a mind caught up in excessive thinking, distraction and mental suffering.

Simple and practical

We believe in making meditation accessible, simple and practical. Whilst classes are not particularly religious in nature, we teach the traditional Buddhist meditation techniques of;

  • Shamatha
  • Vipashyana
  • Atiyoga

Tranquillity and insight meditation

Our classes are taught with an emphasis on tranquillity and insight. We train to develop a calm, clear, stable mind, imbued with awareness and non-distraction (shamatha). Once achieved, we investigate the nature of self, thoughts and perceptions to experience direct insight (vipashyana). We provide students with the necessary skills and direction to cultivate their practise at home and discover the fruition of practice. The benefits of practise can be life changing. Peace of mind, contentment and happiness do not lie outside of oneself, but within.

Classes at our centre in Barnham

We cater for both absolute beginners and advanced meditators, with both group classes and private classes available at our centre in Barnham. Group classes in 2021 cost £15 per class.

Meditation Class - Now Running!

Meditation class now running in Barnham on Sundays at 7pm, £15. We discuss practice and we meditate, so this class is part theory and part practical. Get in touch and enquire about joining us this week.

We can also offer private classes to discuss personal practise or advanced topics over Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

Class times, prices and location

Sunday classes now running

Class times
Book your place by call/text/email

07903 546609


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Sunday group class: 7pm - 8pm
Classes are subject to availability
Please book in advance
We sit on the floor, so please bring a cushion!
Age 18+ or 12+ with a parent.
Group Class £15  
Private Class £30ph  
Black Snow Martial Arts Centre,
Windmill Shopping Village,
Yapton Road, Barnham PO22 0BD

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