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Japanese Jujutsu Martial Arts Classes

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Japanese Jujutsu

Japanese Jujutsu is central to the traditional fighting techniques of the Samurai bushi, the highly skilled warriors of feudal Japan. Japanese Jujutsu includes strikes, throws, locks, chokes and pins, and with a mastery of distance, timing and strategy, these unarmed techniques provide the foundations for using traditional Japanese weapons, known collectively as bujutsu. Together, these arts form a well rounded, highly adaptable and effective fighting system, developed throughout 700 years of war and civil unrest, and so are steeped in culture, history and tradition. They continue to be practised throughout the world today as traditional Japanaese Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Bojutsu, Yarijutsu and Naginatajutsu. These arts also form the original foundation of many modern sports and disciplines including Aikido, Judo, BJJ, Hapkido and Kendo.

Our Training

At Black Snow Dojo, we train Japanese Jujutsu, Bujutsu and Budo Taijutsu. We focus on developing technical skill in both unarmed combat and with weapons, while cultivating the Budo spirit. Japanese martial arts rely on the skilful use of distance, timing, angles, weak points and whole body movement to overcome the opponent, rather than strength, speed and stamina, and in this way a weaker person can overcome a stronger or better armed opponent. Our weapons training includes the katana, bo, yari, naginata, nagamaki, jo, hanbo, kusari fundo, tanto, tessen, and kunai.

Our Classes

Our classes take place in our fully equipped and matted dojo in Barnham. We have free on-site parking, toilets and changing facilities. We offer group classes weekday evenings and private tuition throughout the week. Previous training is not required. Suitable for able men, women and children aged 14+.

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Class times, prices and location

Black Snow Dojo is Open

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Monday Adults Class 6.30pm-8pm
Monday Adults Class 8pm-9.30pm  
Wednesday Adults Class 8pm-9.30pm
Friday Adults Class 8pm-9.30pm
Sunday Meditation Class 7pm-8pm
* Classes are subject to availability
* All classes must be booked in advance.
Adults Class - Adults £15 per class  
Under 18's £10 per class  
Private Tuition Daytimes £25 per hour  
Black Snow Martial Arts Centre,
Windmill Shopping Village,
Yapton Road, Barnham PO22 0BD.

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