Commitment to training

The student’s commitment to training is very important. If the student works in harmony with the dojo, the student’s training will be effective and the dojo will thrive.

Every dojo is different, each offering their own unique program of training. Dojos are naturally geared towards students that are suitable for their specific training program.

On joining, the student should make sure that they meet the dojo’s requirements. This includes that the student agrees to meet the level of commitment required by the training.

As a vehicle, training requires momentum to get students from A to B. Momentum is created by consistent effort and focused by direction, so the student should get on board to meet the dojo’s momentum.

The key to training is consistency and dicipline. Days off due to rain, low energy, sniffles, cinema or otherwise will certainly not help to build required muscle memory or a strong spirit. Authentic martial arts training is a contradiction in terms if we take it as a hobby.

In a serious training dojo, the hobbyist will find improvement difficult as they will not be able to keep up with the program. They will fall behind and lack in performance, attendance, commitment or focus and this will not be beneficial to the dojo either.

I hope that all students find a dojo which inspires them to raise their game. Total commitment to training means that everybody wins.