Natural ability

We all possess amazing powers. We each have the ability to process information at speeds equivalent to 100 million million instructions per second, and we have a memory capacity equivalent to 100 million megabytes of data. It is important that we recognise these abilities and know that they operate on a subconscious level – without any conscious effort from us.

How amazing! – that we can feel the reach of the opponents sword, the trajectory of his kick and the timing of his punch before they arrive, all without conscious deliberation! With a calm heart and mind we can discover and harness our natural abilities, and so we should make sure that we allow them to work for us in our training.

It is very easy to allow our practice to become an intellectual exercise setting us further apart from the reality we strive to understand. We need to ‘learn how to be natural’ and make sure that training accords with reality and our natural responses to conflict.

We should keep in mind that in the heat of combat our emotions will affect us and we will have no time to think. Training in the dojo affords us the luxury of safety and time – so we must not be fooled but train beyond thinking and learn to use the subconscious mind. Furthermore, we should deepen our relationship with our nature through training and meditation. This will help us break the spell of our emotions and give us the potential to discover the secrets within ourselves.