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Black Snow Martial Arts Centre - Chichester / Bognor Regis / Barnham / Littlehampton

Black Snow Martial Arts Centre offers traditional Japanese martial arts classes, zen meditation, padwork and conditioning classes

What is Ninjutsu & Samurai Jujutsu?

We practise a wide variety of unarmed techniques, weapons, principles and tactics which were developed throughout 900 years of turbulent war in Japan. During this period, combat became a highly skilled craft from which many schools emerged - each refining techniques and methods to suit their needs. There were schools of training for the battlefield warrior, the police, the Samurai royal guard, the Ninja assassin and the female spy. Nine of these schools have been handed down which are today studied collectively as 'Ninpo Taijutsu'. These are primarily Ninjutsu and Samurai Jujutsu schools which have many different strikes, locks, throws, restraints and weapons. The dilligent study of these arts offers a high level of technical ability in combat and a great opportunity for self-development and forging of the spirit.

What are classes like?

We have really enjoyable classes with great training in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Classes are suitable for people who are keen to learn and physically able. Previous martial arts experience is not required. We practice techniques and principles with emphasis on correct body movement, position, balance, distance, timing, feeling and flow. We have a range of martial arts classes for everyone including adults, teens and kids. We also run a padwork and conditioning class and a meditation class. To achieve results, students are expected to attend class on a weekly basis. The martial arts is a discipline which forges the spirit, refines awareness and develops the self. Get in touch and try a class this week read more...

Class Days, Times & Prices

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Adults Classes Kids & Teens Classes Class Prices
Monday Taijutsu Class 8pm-10.30pm Friday Ninja Kids 10s-13s 4pm-5pm Adults martial arts class £8
Tuesday Weapons Class 7pm-8pm Sunday Ninja Teens 14s-17s 1pm-3pm Kids & teens martial arts class £5
Tuesday Pad Class 8pm-9pm - Meditation class £5
Friday Taijutsu Class 8pm-10.30pm Meditation Class Private tuition £20ph
Sunday Self Training 3pm-5pm Monday 7-7.45pm  
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Black Snow Martial Arts Centre, Windmill Shopping Village, Yapton Road, Barnham PO22 0BD
Paul sensei

Come and train and join in the fun!

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Black Snow Martial Arts is associated with the Shinobi-Kai, the largest independent Ninjutsu Association in England. The Shinobi-Kai was founded in 1988 to allow the study of Ninjutsu without politics. It is the the longest established authentic Ninjutsu school based in the UK.

Black Snow Martial Arts - Chichester Classes  
Black Snow - Students grading week Shinobi-Kai Spring Seminar - Enjoyed by students from across the UK
Black Snow Sensei Paul and student enjoying some free training Black Snow - Mushin no shin


nanja teen classesAdults & Teens Martial Arts Classes

The ancient martial arts of Ninjutsu and Jujutsu develop key skills through the refinement of the mind, body and spirit. By practising techniques with focus and control, students gain confidence in their abilities both inside and outside of the dojo and develop skills in many areas.

  • Very effective martial arts techniques
  • Develops agility and control
  • Forges the spirit
  • Enables self-development
  • Elevates self-confidence
  • Encourages fitness and flexibility

Classes are buzzing with positive energy and a great atmosphere. There is a comprehensive grading syllabus and opportunities to take part in additional activities. Teen classes are run by male and female instructors who are CRB checked.


Adults class - Mon 8pm, Tues 7pm, Fri 8pm, Sun 3pm

Teens class - Wed 6.30pm-8pm & Sun 1pm-3pm

ninja kids classesNinja Kids Classes for 10's-13's

Ninja Kids is about having fun while practising the fundamental movements of traditional martial arts. We work on helping students to develop focus, co-ordination, confidence and self defence skills through goal orientated training.

Ninja Kids train with others of a similar age, working through a program of study including postures, punches, kicks, throws and pins. They also take part in rolling, classic break-falls and jumping to help develop agility.

Beginners train in loose comfy clothes and wear socks. After a 4 week trial period students are required to buy a gi uniform. Our matial art is not a sport so there are no competitions but students will have the opportunity to grade in a traditional art.

Classes are educational and fun and are run by both male and female instructors. Instructors are fully CRB checked.

Fridays 4pm-5pm

nanja teen classesPadwork & Conditioning

Padwork and conditioning class helps you to develop cardio, strength and endurance while practising basic strikes and conditioning striking weapons.

Classes begin with simple padwork and build into a more complex routines incorporating traditional martial arts movements such as punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Following this, we use hanging bags and perform exercises to help develop focus, power and condition the body.


  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Co-ordination
  • Learning basic striking techniques
  • Body conditioning
Suitable for adults

Tuesdays 8pm-9pm

zen buddhist meditationMeditation Classes

We teach authentic Buddhist meditation to help calm the mind and develop clarity, awareness and insight. Meditation provides a powerful and direct path to help us find balance and harmony with nature and center ourselves.

We begin with relaxation exercises followed by short periods of practical meditation and discussions about practice.

Classes offer a number of meditation methods to give students the chance to discover which methods suit them best.

Students are encouraged to practise at home on a regular basis between classes and keep a meditation diary. Benefits:

  • Discover awareness
  • Develop self-control
  • Practise harmony with nature
  • Find our true center
  • Refine the spirit
Suitable for all ages

Mondays 7.00pm-7.45pm

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